Metallurgical propeller repair

For more than 48 years, Repropel is operating a propeller repair workshop (650² m) on the Lisnave Shipyard in Setubal, Portugal.

Repropel can do various metallurgical, class approved, propeller repairs on mono-block propellers with a maximum weight of 130 tons (using our own overhead crane) and handle propellers with a maximum of diameter of 12 meter. Also CPP blades with a 10 ton maximum weight can be handled. Measuring propeller or blade pitch is done with analog or digital measuring devices. Two static balancing-machines are available in our workshop. Repropel can also carry out a blue-fit of the propeller cone on the tail-shaft, in horizontal or vertical position.

Our own “Flying Squad Team” is available to carry out metallurgical propeller repairs at location, all over the world.

Propeller after welding, grinding and polishing the new propeller tip, with Class approval

NiAlBr Propeller with one broken propeller tip

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We can carry out repair services on all brands of propellers as well as all kind of propulsion services!